An Experienced Guide
Through Bankruptcy

Workouts & Financial Restructures

California Financial Reorganization Attorney

Filing for bankruptcy is not the appropriate business decision for every financially troubled entity. Ringstad & Sanders, LLP, has decades of experience providing comprehensive solutions to resolving business insolvency both inside and outside of bankruptcy. The firm has considerable experience in out of court workouts and financial restructuring. The debt settlement lawyers at the firm can be retained for negotiation and representation by contacting Ringstad & Sanders, LLP.

What Is A Workout And Financial Restructure?

A workout and financial restructure often involves a troubled business and its primary lender or significant trade creditors. The objective is to negotiate debt resolution in a manner that allows the company to restructure its financial affairs and regain liquidity and profitability without the involvement of bankruptcy filing or the Bankruptcy Court.

Creditor Negotiations

Commercial lenders and trade creditors often share the goal of returning a financially troubled company to financial health. The firm works closely with lenders and trade creditors to secure cooperation in the effort to restructure the company’s financial affairs. The lawyers at Ringstad & Sanders, LLP, implement negotiation strategies to reduce creditor harassment, resolve liability concerns between debtors and creditors and gain the time needed to achieve fiscal health. The firm facilitates assessment of the business to determine the root cause of financial problems and identify and execute business solutions.

Professional And Effective Representation

The California debt settlement lawyers at Ringstad & Sanders, LLP, have successfully represented numerous high profile clients through effective workouts and financial restructures. To retain the services of the California financial reorganization attorneys at the firm, contact Ringstad & Sanders, LLP.