An Experienced Guide
Through Bankruptcy

Industry Specific Debtor Representation

San Diego Business Bankruptcy Attorney

Specific experience tailored to resolving financial problems within specific business industries is a unique feature of the experience at Ringstad & Sanders, LLP. The bankruptcy lawyers at the firm offer decades of complex bankruptcy law experience. The firm’s attorneys have earned a reputation for providing first-rate representation to various industry specific debtors. More information may be obtained by contacting [Link to Contact Us]the Chapter 11 bankruptcy law lawyers at the firm.

Bankruptcy lawyers, Todd Ringstad and Nanette Sanders have extensive experience managing the unique bankruptcy issues that arise within various industries, such as:

  • Real estate industry: single purpose entities, multiple property entities, development projects, apartment projects, commercial buildings, mixed use properties, shopping center properties, multiple lease properties, mobile home parks, homeowners’ associations, mortgage lenders and other complex real estate-related concerns
  • Retail industry: New and used automobile dealerships, including Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Range Rover and Aston Martin franchisees, car companies, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, markets or food stores, retail clothing stores and other retail related business
  • Manufacturing industry: clothing manufacturers, agricultural concerns, injection molding companies, computers and high technology, steel fabricators, wholesalers and distributors and other manufacturing related business
  • Companies with mass tort issues such as asbestos related personal injury litigation
  • Construction industry: developers, contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers
  • Medical industry: hospitals, medical groups, medical insurers, clinics, doctors and health care providers
  • Other complex or specific industries

Guidance Through Industry Specific Procedures

The firm handles Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganizations and Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidations for business entities. Although federal law governs Chapter 11 bankruptcy procedures, state law can dictate certain procedures within specific industries. With decades of experience, the firm can provide practical advice and assistance based upon all applicable law and procedure, including both state and federal law.

The bankruptcy lawyers at Ringstad & Sanders, LLP, have experience in the handling of complex and novel issues in all types of business bankruptcies. They understand the different approaches that may be required or advantageous within specific industries and are attentive to the client’s goals and the common encountered obstacles to a successful reorganization. If you would like to schedule a consultation, contact these Southern California business bankruptcy attorneys.