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Ringstad & Sanders, LLP, provides sophisticated representation to debtors, trustees, and creditors in adversary proceedings resulting from a Chapter 11 bankruptcy or Chapter 7 bankruptcy. These lawyers’ decades of trial experience and professionalism in resolving active litigation matters in bankruptcy has helped earn the firm recognition as one of Southern California’s leading bankruptcy law firms. Contact the California business litigation lawyers of Ringstad & Sanders, LLP.

California Bankruptcy Litigation

Ringstad & Sanders, LLP, provides representation in all types of adversary proceedings:

Recovery of preferences: Payments made by a debtor during the 90 days prior to a bankruptcy filing may be recoverable as an “avoidable preference” in certain circumstances. The firm has considerable experience representing debtors and trustee’s in the effort to recover avoidable preferences and well as defending creditors who have been sued by the bankruptcy estate in the estate’s effort to recover allegedly preferential payments. The Bankruptcy Code provides many possible defenses to creditors who have been sued for an avoidable preference, including a defense that the payment was made in the ordinary course of business, or that the creditor who received payment made a subsequent advance of “new value” to the Debtor. Creditors who receive a demand for return of an allegedly voidable preference or are sued by a bankruptcy estate seeking to recover an allegedly voidable preference should consult with the experienced litigators of Ringstad & Sanders, LLP, to determine whether they may have viable defenses to the claim of avoidable preference.

Recovery of fraudulent conveyances: If a debtor had not marshaled assets appropriately or where assets of a debtor have been transferred outside of the ordinary course of business prior to a bankruptcy filing, the bankruptcy estate or creditors may have a claim to recover assets transferred based upon the fraudulent transfer of the assets. A fraudulent transfer may occur where the transfer is made with the intent to hinder, delay or defraud a creditor, or where the debtor receives less than a fair consideration for the asset transferred. The firm has considerable experience representing trustees and creditors in attempting to recover property fraudulently transferred. The firm also defends parties who have been sued by a bankruptcy estate claiming that a sale of transfer of an asset prior to bankruptcy was fraudulent.

Dischargeability litigation: The firm’s lawyers provide representation to creditors challenging a debtor’s right to obtain a discharge, due to misconduct, or to allow a specific debt to survive the bankruptcy. Additionally, the firm represents debtors in defending against these actions.

General bankruptcy litigation: Generally, the bankruptcy litigation lawyers at Ringstad & Sanders, LLP, represent debtors, trustees, creditors, and unsecured creditor committees in any type of adversary proceeding or litigation that arises in the context of a bankruptcy or insolvency-related matter.

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To retain the bankruptcy litigation services of Ringstad & Sanders, LLP, contact the California business bankruptcy law attorneys at the firm.