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Chapter 11 Debtor Representation

Santa Ana Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyer

The bankruptcy attorneys at Ringstad & Sanders, LLP, strive to provide the highest level of bankruptcy representation to businesses in need of financial reorganization or liquidation. The firm has extensive experience ranging from representation of small business debtors to high profile corporations and complex industry specific businesses. A consultation with these California bankruptcy attorneys can be scheduled by contacting Ringstad & Sanders, LLP.

Ringstad & Sanders, LLP, has exceptional experience advising businesses throughout a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Additionally, the firm represents individuals with high income for whom Chapter 11 bankruptcy may offer a viable means of solving debt-related problems. In representing business organizations, the firm evaluates the business and the financial options available, including:

  • Evaluating if the business should proceed with a Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization or a Chapter 7 liquidation
  • If an orderly liquidation is appropriate, is management control of the liquidation process important in order to maintain fair market value of the assets and ensure a greater return for all involved (control in selling rather than auctioning parcels of the business)?
  • Would the business’ interests be better served through negotiation of an out of court workout and financial restructuring ?

Business Bankruptcy Representation

The bankruptcy lawyers at the firm create respectful working relationships with the client’s financial or other advisors in order to assess the client’s reorganization options and formulate a reorganization strategy. Additionally, the attorneys have a thorough understanding of business bankruptcy laws and are able to effectively utilize the procedures available within the bankruptcy, workout, or ABC context, including debtor and creditor debt negotiations, bankruptcy options, debt restructuring, and other issues that may arise.

To schedule a consultation with Ringstad & Sanders, LLP, please contact their Southern California Chapter 11 bankruptcy lawyers at the firm.