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Through Bankruptcy

Asset Acquisitions From A Bankruptcy

Business Liquidation Auction Lawyers In The Los Angeles Area

Ringstad & Sanders, LLP offer professionalism and experience in protecting buyers’ interests in purchasing assets from a bankruptcy estate. The attorneys at the firm offer decades of bankruptcy experience and have extensive knowledge of Chapter 11 and 7 bankruptcy laws. This experience offers an advantage to buyers purchasing assets in a bankruptcy liquidation sale. Representation in asset liquidations or sales can be explored by contacting the business bankruptcy attorneys at Ringstad & Sanders, LLP.

Value Of A Clean Title

Purchasing assets, such as a business or real estate, through bankruptcy liquidation sales is often advantageous to buyers because a successful purchase results in a court order conveying legal title of the property or asset to the buyer. Lien and title disputes can easily be resolved through the court order, which may make the purchase of assets through the bankruptcy process preferable to more traditional sales.

Asset Acquisition Representation

The firm’s bankruptcy lawyers represent buyers in effectively negotiating a purchase price through the competitive bidding process. The firm guides clients through the proceedings in Bankruptcy Court to obtain court approval for the sale and negotiate protections for the potential buyer. Additionally, the lawyers are proficient representing lead buyers in negotiating break up fees and bidding procedures in order to protect the lead buyer and provide compensation for the time and expense of proceeding through the transaction.

Ringstad & Sanders, LLP

To request the experienced guidance of Ringstad & Sanders, LLP, please contact the bankruptcy attorneys at the firm.