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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

California Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorneys

Ringstad & Sanders, LLP, is dedicated to resolving complex business insolvency-related matters through the Chapter 11 reorganization process or various out of court procedures. The firm’s professionalism, sophistication, and experience have led to its reputation as a leading business bankruptcy law firm in Southern California. A consultation with the bankruptcy lawyers at the firm can be scheduled by contacting Ringstad & Sanders, LLP.

What Is A Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

Federal bankruptcy laws provide the means for a business or a high net worth individual to restructure financial obligations through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Depending upon the circumstances, certain liabilities can be discharged upon successful completion of a partial repayment plan. The Chapter 11 process can also be successfully utilized to facilitate the sale of property, assets or a going concern while eliminating disputed claims or clouds upon title.

Southern California Business Bankruptcy Representation

Ringstad & Sanders, LLP, represents business debtors and guides them through the reorganization process. The firm evaluates all debtor insolvency solutions, including out-of-court workouts, Chapter 11 reorganization, debt restructuring and other alternatives to achieve the client’s business goals.

The firm’s ultimate goal in guiding clients through Chapter 11 business reorganization is for the business entity to emerge from the bankruptcy as a financially viable, healthier business entity.

The firm also offers advice in connection with creditor protection and representation to creditors faced with the bankruptcy or insolvency of a client or customer.

Reputable, Trusted, Experienced

The bankruptcy lawyers at Ringstad & Sanders, LLP, have decades of knowledge and experience practicing bankruptcy law. Todd Ringstad has taught and lectured extensively on bankruptcy law, trial tactics, and ethics, including several lectures or seminars involving Chapter 11 reorganizations, such as “Handling a Chapter 11 Reorganization the Right Way.”

To schedule a consultation with the firm’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorneys, contact Ringstad & Sanders, LLP.