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Chapter 7 & 11 Creditor Representation

California Bankruptcy Attorneys

Maximizing Creditor Rights

When a bankruptcy is filed, an automatic stay arises that prevents creditors from proceeding with collection litigation, foreclosing on real estate or other collateral or obtaining a receiver . Ringstad & Sanders, LLP, recognizes that the nature of a bankruptcy proceeding may prove detrimental to some creditors. The business bankruptcy lawyers at Ringstad & Sanders, LLP, have significant experience maximizing a creditor’s return from a bankruptcy estate after an individual or business files for Chapter 7 liquidation or Chapter 11 reorganization. Experienced creditor representation can be retained by contacting the California Chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcy lawyers at the firm.

Promoting Creditor Protection

The firm assists the creditor in determining how its interest can be best served, whether through the bankruptcy process or in out of court negotiations. Although predictably, the creditor’s objective is to maximize recovery of liabilities from the debtor entity, often a creditor has other priorities, such as ensuring the business survives the bankruptcy and provides future earnings for the creditor. Benefits from the on-going business relationship with the debtor entity may outweigh collecting outstanding accounts receivable. The firm is accomplished at facilitating this analysis and implementing an appropriate recovery strategy

Creditor Representation

The firm’s professionalism and sophistication in handling insolvency matters is exemplified in the manner in which the attorneys provide representation to creditors seeking recovery. The firm’s creditor representation includes representation of general unsecured creditors, creditor committees, and secured creditors, such as lien holders, judgment creditors, banks, or other lenders.

Creditors who are owed significant amounts by a person or entity in bankruptcy are entitled to aggressive representation with a goal of maximizing the recovery and minimizing the disruption to the affairs of the creditor. A consultation with Ringstad & Sanders, LLP, can be scheduled by contacting the bankruptcy creditor representation lawyers at the firm.