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Chapter 7 And 11 Bankruptcy Attorneys

Ringstad & Sanders, LLP, is one of the preeminent bankruptcy law firms in Southern California. The firm’s bankruptcy lawyers have decades of experience providing quality bankruptcy representation to debtors, trustees, secured and unsecured creditors, and other clients. The firm furthers the interests of its client through court-supervised bankruptcy proceedings and through related bankruptcy litigation. An appointment can be scheduled by contacting the California debtor and creditor lawyers at the firm.

The attorneys at the firm are proficient at managing comprehensive business bankruptcy related concerns, including:

Debtors’ Representation

The lawyers have extensive backgrounds representing small, medium and large businesses through the process of resolving financial difficulties through the chapter 11 bankruptcy process, reorganization, or Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings (liquidation). Additionally, the firm assists debtors with the following:

Creditors’ Representation

The firm is well qualified to represent the interests of secured creditors, unsecured creditors, landlords, trade creditors, and other clients seeking to maximize recovery from a bankruptcy estate. Additionally, the firm manages debtor-creditor issues involving the following:

Buyers’ Representation

The bankruptcy lawyers at Ringstad & Sanders, LLP, protect buyer interests in purchasing assets out of bankruptcy proceedings, whether real property, operating assets, intellectual property or other personalty, and obtaining court approval for such acquisitions.

Ringstad & Sanders, LLP

The California Chapter 11 and 7 bankruptcy attorneys at Ringstad & Sanders, LLP, are skilled managers of the many complexities that arise within debtor-creditor relationships. Bankruptcy-related representation may be retained by contacting the California bankruptcy lawyers at the firm.