An Experienced Guide
Through Bankruptcy

Ringstad & Sanders LLP provides reliable legal services for small businesses and others navigating insolvency
and bankruptcy law in Southern California

Bankruptcy Attorneys

Ringstad & Sanders LLP has earned a reputation as a leader in providing legal representation for small businesses and other clients with insolvency-related concerns. The firm’s principals have decades of experience. Their comprehensive knowledge of business bankruptcy laws and procedures enables them to explore Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 scenarios as well as alternatives to filing for bankruptcy, for business clients with cash flow or solvency concerns.

Our attorneys’ considerable experience in bankruptcy and insolvency-related matters also allows them to provide superior representation to creditors faced with bankrupt or insolvent clients or customers. An appointment with these financial reorganization lawyers can be scheduled by contacting Ringstad & Sanders LLP.

Use The Small Business Reorganization Act
To Your Advantage

Bankruptcy law is always evolving. One recent and important development is the passage of the Small Business Reorganization Act, which was designed to make bankruptcy proceedings faster and less expensive for small business owners.

At Ringstad & Sanders LLP, our attorneys have years of experience and also stay up to date on the latest changes in bankruptcy law. They’ll help you take advantage of the SBRA and its many provisions, including trustee appointment, streamlined business reorganization, modification of applicable residential mortgages, delayed payment of administrative expense claims and more.

Experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys
Serving Southern California

Exclusively Devoted to
Insolvency, Workout and Bankruptcy-Related Services

The attorneys at Ringstad & Sanders LLP concentrate exclusively on the representation of clients with insolvency-related issues, including both debtors and creditors. Given this exclusive focus, the firm is able to provide superior legal services to clients in Southern California.

The firm’s proficiency, sophistication, and expertise can be retained by scheduling an appointment with the Chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcy attorneys at the firm, located in Newport Beach, California.